18th Malaysian Forestry Conference, 2018

On behalf of the Institut Rimbawan Malaysia (IRIM), I would like to congratulate our gracious hosts, the Sarawak Forestry Department, and the Sarawak Forestry Corporation for having successfully organised and made this 18th Malaysian Forestry Conference a very successful and memorable experience for all of us from Peninsular Malaysia.



I would like to express our utmost and heartfelt gratitude for the warm welcome and hospitality accorded to all of us throughout our stay during the 18th MFC.


We feel very grateful to be able to attend this important conference in this beautiful city of Kuching. I am sure we all agree that this conference has set a very high benchmark for organising MFC in the future.



The bold move in digitalisation is exemplary and a commendable one. Furthermore, I am of the opinion that the theme Advancing Sustainable Forestry Through Digitalization and Technology has shown that Malaysian Forestry are now ready to take on board industrial revolution 4.0.


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